About Tangle Media

Tangle Media’s focus is delivering websites and web software, artfully designed and skillfully programmed by a dependable team.  Tangle's diverse portfolio includes websites or applications for agriculture, energy, non-profit, finance, and education in addition to projects for municipalities, sports, and government.


Tangle Media prizes the performance and stability of our product.  We provide hosting for our clients so that we can ensure quality and accountability.  Tangle Media hosts our data in secure Canadian facilities with dedicated 24/7 staff to ensure uptime, security, availability, and hardware support.  Our servers are 100% private and exclusive. We don't host any sites by third parties.  Because Tangle Media's approach and CMS is highly integrated with the server, we can ensure excellent technical solutions matched perfectly with server hardware.   We pay for servers up to a year in advance at these facilities in order to guarantee continuity for our customers.


Our goal is to deliver support that is attentive, focused, and fast. Particularly during and after launch, you will have our development team’s full attention and availability to ensure a seamless rollout.

For code or visual edits, we specify a six month maintenance window at no cost.  In truth, routine maintenance is generally no-cost.  Tangle Media does not charge unexpected overages.  Because of the degree of control we have over our systems, almost any minor edit can be achieved quickly, and so long as support requirements are reasonable, we simply consider routine support to be good customer service.   Support needs that exceed our ability to provide ordinary technical support may sometimes be subject to cost.

Tangle Media can offer support packages which include continuous ‘agile’ development.

Change management.

Tangle Media aims to accommodate new development requirements as they arise.  On good projects, good ideas will always be coming up . It’s rare that a project launches exactly as first intended.  Growth is good and change is good, so you won’t be penalized by onerous costs if new ideas result in changes to your project. There are a few different ways change requests can be completed.
  • Change requests which have little bearing on a system's complexity, or take little effort will usually be accepted as new requirements without extra cost. Particularly for small sensible improvements which have big benefit at low difficulty, improving the product is the priority. Our goal is always to accept changes and say yes.
  • Change requests which need considerable extra work may require an auxiliary budget. Tangle Media will write a work-order with costs and timelines for new work requests.  Discounted development rates may be offered when changes are desirable, but create unavoidable increase in scope of work .  As developers we recognize that some increase in scope is always possible, and we will focus on the big picture and aim to minimize cost increases so we can achieve launch of your product.
  • In the future, new features which need development or which exceed the scope of work agreed to will likely be subject to cost.  Change requests can be emailed or submitted electronically. Our development team responds with a budget and work order for approval.
  • Work is warrantied, so bugs that happen are fixed at no cost to you.  If something was supposed to work and doesn’t, this will not lead to cost increases, and Tangle Media will correct errors.